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About CJI Gen. Services, Inc.

CJI Gen. Services, Inc. is a multi-discipline construction company centered in the heart of the Philippine industrial capital, Batangas.

We have been operating for over a decade and have established working relationships with many blue chip clients as well as with major construction companies.

Our approach to health and safety - together with our ability to deliver the required quality and performance to our clients - has given us the reputation to establish ourselves as a leading contractor for the future.

We have completed some of the most prestigious projects in the area in recent time. Our services and projects have ranged from conducting the largest small bore FRP/GRP fabrication in history, producing over 25,000 joints and reaching a peak production of 1,000 joints per week; to the relocation of a 60 year old refinery to the other side of the globe.

CJI has a world class Training Facility complete with a simulated refinery, equipped offices, training rooms, and accommodation for its trainees. We believe providing quality training is the backbone of our future successes.

CJI has a "Can Do Attitude." CJI delivers on time every time.