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CJI Services

CJI specializes in conceptual engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance business.

Our activities extend to all aspects of the general contracting business including:

  • Skilled manpower supply

  • Procurement and industrial supplies

  • Supply of heavy equipment

  • Design Engineering

  • Earthmoving and dredging

  • Insulation and cladding installation and removal (asbestos and non-asbestos)

  • Concrete structure preparation, repair and grouting

  • Fabrication and erection of steel structures (structural and pipes)

  • GRP pipe laying and fiberglass and lamination

  • Afloat ship repair

  • Heat exchanger fabrication and re-tubing

  • Mechanical repairs and constructions

  • Equipment, building and ground maintenance

  • Pre-qualification of skilled workers

  • Mechanically precise dismantlement, preservation and packaging of equipment for re-use

  • Rough and fast dismantlement of equipment for reprocessing into other forms

  • Civil works services (i.e. bridge and road repairs, tank bund wall repairs and erection)

  • Provision of services for acquisition of government permits

  • Plant waste, toxic/non-toxic, removal services

  • Provision of technical expertise on refinery dismantling-equipment preparation, safe handling, dismantling procedures, cost and timelines

  • Mechanical equipment and instruments repair

  • Ocean tanker oil receiving /shipment facilities –repair pier, mooring bouys, motor-operated valves, loading arms, fire-fighting facilities

  • Storage tank cleaning, repairs and painting

  • Oil refinery manpower training (operations and maintenance)

  • Pipeline, pump, valves, instrumentation and electrical repair

  • Loading arms repairs

  • Non-destructive testing /ultrasonic gauging/hydrotest x-ray